Our brand new vineyard in Baricalino, Novello

Two hectares of nas-cetta and one of barbera

Despite this negative year from many points of view, Sansilvestro does not stop investing in the future and proudly begins the planting of two new vineyards in Baricalino area, in Novello.

A slightly sloping area that required many works such as drainage and leveling, fertilization, plowing and finally planting of two varieties.

Two hectares have been dedicated to the typical variety of the Municipality of Novello, the native white Nas-cetta. Another hectare, then, has been destined for barbera, a widespread variety in Piedmont that will grow vigorous and fragrant here.

The work is not finished: the cuttings require constant monitoring as well as the soil. Little by little, the vines will grow and give their first grapes in about three years.

Then world of wine requires work and patience. If you are curious, follow us on Facebook where you will find the videos of this incredible adventure.