Arneis variety

There aren’t specific historical documents proving an ancient origin of Arneis variety. The first references date back, in fact, to 1800. It’s area of origin and its perfect terroir is the Roero area, with its hills that rise on the left of the Tanaro river , land of feuds, marquisates and important castles.

The Arneis here finds the light, sandy soils that it prefers, with a good exposure to the South-east and South-west. Also, the temperature range and rare spring frosts influence the good yield of this variety in this area, which represents the finest Piedmontese white variety.

The history

From Roero, a “naughty” white wine, dry and parfumed

The “Arneis” variety is mentioned in historical documents and enhanced for its great quality.

In deed, in early 1900, the Arneis was considered an excellent source of income. In 1920 it reached the price of Lira 28 per 10kg, that means it costed the double compared with other Piedmontese varieties. A really precious vine!

In the past, it was vinified sweet, but since the 60’s wine producers realized the potential of this white and began to vinificate it separate from other varierty get an elegan, dry, soft and floral wine.