Dolcetto variety

Native vine of lower Piedmont, Dolcetto is characterized by sweet fruits, but it gives a dry wine, fresh and easydrinking. Depending on the area and the vinification, it can also be austere and full-bodied, even good for a medium-long refining. It normally produces a large number of clusters, so the winemakers tend to cut them off to obtain better ripeness and quality with the left ones.

This variety fears the rain near harvest-time and requires a lot of care to ensure a good result. In autumn it is distinguished by red-orange leaves that color the hills with warm tones.

The history

The wine of the Piedmontese tables

In the past, this grape variety has been able to obtain good recognition beyond local boundaries, arriving even on French tables of King Louis XIV, thanks to the diplomacy of the Savoy.
It is the first red grape variety that is harvested, and this feature has definitely contributed to its spread throughout the South of Piedmont.
However, towards the end of 1800, it was abandoned in order to give more space to the cultivation of the Moscato grape, especially in the Asti area and the Belbo Valley.