San Silvestro nature: the Piedmontese model

Estate production and grape-growers

Together with 7 owned hectares of vineyards, San Silvestro cooperates with grape-growers from whom it buys the grapes.

This is a common situation in many wine-cellars from Piedmont, already used during the XIX century, when many wine producers that owned small properties, couldn’t afford the vinification costs, and prefered to concentrate their work on grape-growing and sell the harvest to bigger cellars.

These partnerships were established through long-term contracts. they could even last for generations. In this way, trust and cooperation became fundamental and both sides.

The professional and strict selection among the grape-growers is a strong point at San Silvestro. Today, with the control of our agronomist prof. Carlo Arnulfo, our grape-growers work hard every year to reach the high quality standard required since always.