Producers Langhe wines

Tradition, innovation, passion, technology and quality

The winery San Silvestro is located in Novello, in the heart of Barolo district. Here, Paolo and Guido Sartirano rule the businness with wisdom and respect for the tradition and for the history of this company. They represent the fourth generation and want to be respectful towards the work their family did to be where they are today. Investments for the future with a keen eye on values they’ve learned from their ancestors: consistency, authenticity and innovation.

Each glass embodies these three principles to return wines that reflect the uniqueness of this great area. Working closely with grapegrowers from different wine-areas, San Silvestro offers a range of wines that go from Gavi to Barbaresco through Asti and Barolo districts.

Our reality in facts

A modern wine-cellar that respects traditions

Cantina San Silvestro


  • Historical cellar rules by Sartirano family since 4 generations.
  • Its name comes from the name of the original location, in the village of Narzole.
  • Since 2006 the headquarter is in Novello, on the border with Barolo village.
  • 7 hectares of vineyards.
  • 5000 square meters surface, whereof 4000 are underground.
Filosofia cantina Sansilvestro


  • Piedmontese model.
  • Estate production.
  • Trusted and collaborative partnerships with near 40 grape growers with whom we cooperate since decades.
  • Research and development of new projects in the wine sector.
Produzione vino


  • 100% Piedmontese wines.
  • 20% of the production: Barolo wine.
  • 18%: Barbera wine.
  • 15% white wines like Langhe D.O.C. Nas-cëtta produced with Nas-cëtta variety, native to Novello.
  • 2 classic method sparkling wines.
Diffusione vino


  • 88% of the production is exported abroad.
  • 60% exported in Europe.
  • 20%  in North America.
  • 7% in China and Hong Kong.
  • 1% in Latin America.
  • 12% remains in Italy.