Barbera variety

This is the most popular vine variety in Piedmont, both for surface and for soil type, famous for its strength and productivity.
The compactness of its clusters make it easily recognizable, as well as its leaves that in autumn change their colour into red.

The wines made from Barbera tipically present a nice freshness, due to the high acidity contained in grapes. Depending on the soil where it is grown, it can return wines with excellent structure, also suitable for wooden aging.

The history

The popular tradition of this variety

The origin of Barbera brings us in the territories which in the past belonged to the Marquis and then the Duchy of Monferrato.
There are traces of his presence already in documents dating back to mid-1200.
Its peak occurred in the nineteenth century, when it was cultivated to produce a wine intended for popular consumption.
Today, the area dedicated to this variety has been reduced, but it gained great attention so now it is in close competition with the Nebbiolo.