Cortese variety

The Cortese is a white grape variety typical in the Alessandria area, especially on the hills surrounding the town of Gavi, with its majestic fort.
This variety is not very robust and requires good climatic conditions in order ti ripe properly.

In Alessandria area, it has found all the needed conditions to be very productive and also give excellent results. Thank to its peculiarity, it is also suitable for sparkling wines.

The history

The typical variety in Gavi

In documents from 1600 there already are some references to Cortese vineyards. Demaria and Leardi confirmed the presence and prosperity of Cortese in the province of Alessandria, from Ovada to the Tortona hills, and in particular in the area of Gavi, where even today it achieves the highest quality levels.
Only in 1974, the “Gavi” or “Cortese di Gavi” wine, produced with cortese grapes, will become a D.O.C. wine, in Italian “Denominazione di Origine Controllata”.
In 1998 it became a D.O.C.G. wine.